Prepress Workflow- Module 1

Which category you fall under? flow of work or workflow?

Greetings from PressMan Solutions!!

PressMan (Authorised KODAK Workflow Partner) in association with KODAK is bringing a new and first of its kind awareness and educational program about Prepress workflow.
This program is multi-module and here we are with the first Module – “INTRODUCTION TO PRE-PRESS WORKFLOW” where we will see what Printers miss working without a WORKFLOW and Why it is high Time necessary for everyone to learn about it.

1. Mr. K. Panthala Selvan, Director, Idealliance SA//PressMan

2. Anil Dharmashetti, Application Engineer – Kodak, India

Module 1: Introduction to Pre-press Workflow

Date: 08-08-2020

Show Timings, Language & Registration Link:




Next Module: What is Preflighting and how it saves file rejection! Link to register:

Contact us at for any doubts or clarifications. We will be happy to guide you!

Let’s make a error free PREPRESS.

Happy Learning,
K. Panthala Selvan



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Prepress Workflow- Module 1

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Authorised partner for Kodak prepress workflow, Techkon Spectrodensitometers, cip3 solutions, colour management, packaging development etc

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