Pre-press Module 2: Preflighting

Greetings from PressMan Solutions!!

PressMan (Authorised KODAK Workflow Partner) In continuation to First Module on Pre-press with “Introduction to Workflow” here we are with the 2nd Module – “What is preflighting in pre-press and how auto preflighting saves rejection of job”

Language: Hindi and English (4 Shows at different time).

Speaker: Rushikesh Karikar, Pre-press Consultant & G7 Expert.

DATE: 16-08-2020

Time, Langauge and link to register:

11:00 am (English)

12:30 pm (Hindi)

8:00 pm (English)

9:00 pm (Hindi)

Encourage your PRE-PRESS TEAM to take part and circulate this to known Pre-press persons!



  hours  minutes  seconds


Module 2: Preflighting

Published by Panthala Selvan

Authorised partner for Kodak prepress workflow, Techkon Spectrodensitometers, cip3 solutions, colour management, packaging development etc

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