ECG-X Gamut


Achieve accurate spot colors and brilliant images – simply using CMYK+X

Special colors are especially eye-catching, but to work with them requires effort and expense. Extra inventory, higher prices, frequent color changes, and subsequent wash-up and press downtime all add up to reduced flexibility in job processing and significantly impact the whole production workflow.

As a result, the printing press is not used to the best of its potential, and productivity drops. That costs time and money.

With X GAMUT, the fully automatic color management software for extended color printing on digital and conventional presses, spot colors can be accurately reproduced by using a standard fixed 7 or 8 color ink set (CMYK+X). Commonly, orange, green, and violet are added to CMYK.

That means you do not need to mess around with special ink mixes anymore. This considerably streamlines the production process since no press wash-ups, changeover times are necessary, greatly reducing ink inventory and waste. As a result, the software helps to reduce allover costs enormously – for printers and clients alike.

However, X GAMUT is not only ideally suited to reproduce spot and brand colors precisely. The perfect match of software features and intelligent workflow tools in X GAMUT enable printers to leverage the full gamut of the press and ink set so that images are brilliantly printed in all detail – without the need for special inks. This has made X GAMUT an important tool in the photo printing industry, too.

XG EN Gears

Spot Color correction & Reproduction:

With X GAMUT you can reproduce spot and brand colors easily, accurately, and reliably with a fixed set of extended process colors. Typically, orange, green, and violet are used, but many other combinations are possible.

No matter which ink configuration you use, X GAMUT makes optimal use of your printer’s entire color gamut and reproduces spot and brand colors very precisely. The colors can also be optimized and verified.

Increasing Image color saturation :

Another important field where the strength of X GAMUT comes into play is the reproduction of RGB data. The color management software makes optimal use of the extended color gamut and delivers stunning print results with vivid, saturated colors – perfect for photo printing applications.

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